First blog account on wordpress

Hi guys ..My name is Clinton Reducto.and I am a third year college ,from Roxas City ,Capiz,Phlippines.This is my first blog I’ve written on wordpress.This article was all my self.By the way,you can call me clintch or clint or short on my name.Making  a blogg is not a simple i you are a first time blogger.Sometimes you are thinking of what article you start to write.During my First year college,that is the first time I had try to make a blogg,but as day passes.I had stop writing a blogg.Because of some loaded subjects,and I was prioritizing my proggraming subjects,than creating a blogg.But this year I was starting again creating a blogg.I have an account on other bloggsite like blogspot and ,vox.comspecially o For the first timer dont  waste your time in playing games.Create a blogg and learn new things on how to create a blog using wordpress and other blogsite.

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