Resort at Basiao Ivisan , Capiz

Resortses at Basiao Ivisan Capiz

Resort, is one of the beautiful places in Philippines. At BAsiao , you can see their  resortses like White Sand Beach, White sand beach is near at baranngay hall of Basiao.Two minutes walk going to White sand beach.Before,  we called that beach a Patcho beach.And as year passes ,they called patcho beach a White Sand beach Resort.

One of the most beautiful and cute resort on BAsiao is Umbrella beach Resort.Umbrella beach resort was located at Sitio Marankalan.You can traveled four minutes from White sand beach going to the next resort, the Umbrella Beach Resort.Next is Rbm Beach Resort.It is located also at Sitio Marankalan.You can walk 1 minutes from Umbrella Beach Resort going to Rbm Resort.they also have hotel for rest.Unlike other resort, Rbm beach resort only resort that have a
Hotel.Another resort is the L.A beach resort you can walk two minutes from rbm beach going to L.A. beach resort L.A Beach resort has many cottages compare to other. Wider than other resort their at Basiao.

I hope my article can give a knowledge to all of you and watch

my other article next day.About the beach and Islands at BAsiao.thank you for viewing.God bless.

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