R.B.M. Beach Resort

The History R.B.M. Beach Resort

Rbm beach resort is own and supervise by  Mr.  and Mrs. Susan Ugas. U gas determined to buy the area of the resort by hectares, w/ monthly imbursement w/c is recognized before as Virgin Beach Resort, until the whole area of the resort move to the named of Family Ugas. As time goes by the Family Ugas firm to convert the name of the resort since according to them, there are a lot of comparable names of the Virgin Beach in other place. The Resort was become RBM Beach Resort w/c means(Richard Bonifacio Maret) but then to avoid the people to bemused the earlier name of the resort was fond of. And now Resort was approved as RBM Beach Resort.. The Resort RBM  Virgin Beach Resort is manage by Genelyn Ugas Orola, descendant of Mr. and Mrs. Ugas. The Resort has 7 cottages, canteen where you can acquire snacks, drinks and drinks. The Resort bounded by mango and coconut trees. The Resort have also 10 completely air conditioned rooms, and they for services for every room.

See the beauty of their resort.”The R.B.M. beach resort ” located at Basiao Ivisan Capiz. Experience the beauty of Basiao

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