Umbrella Beach Resort

Umbrella Beach Resort at Basiao

A good-looking fresh like crystal water and white sand. Umbrella Beach Resort was well recognized with their umbrella cottage shape. Comfortable for all tourist and foreign person. A modest and simple beach resort composed of 7 s cottages and 2 big cottage  fitted for one and two family. You can enjoy swimming and boating . Looking those beautiful  and impressive scene together with your friends, family especially  your love ones. Umbrella beach is located at Sitio Marangkalan, 60 seconds travel from  Baranggay Hall of  Basiao going to Umbrella Beach.It is maintained and manage by the owner of the beach. Mr. George Oabe was the owner and the one who manage the resort. Umbrella beach  like a little boracay beach was finally constructed in the year 2007 and renovated in the year 2006.

Experience the beauty of Basiao beach and their islands. Chill out together with your  family, friends, clasmates, and especially your love ones

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  1. clintchingz says:

    I like umbrella beach resort

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