White Sand Beach Resort

White sand Hills Beach at BAsiao

A newly build resort sited near at the Baranggay hall of  Basiao. White sand beach was so sanctify because they rich in white sand, a crystal like water, and like a little Boracay Beach sea shore. 23 kilometers remoteness from City to Province, 25 minutes take a trip from Roxas City to BAsiao. White sand Beach has ten cottages , two newly build little nipa house for accommodation. During summer, White Sand Beach  Hills Resort  has to many people swimming , enjoying themselves to rest and watching  those beautiful scene at Basiao, they are enjoying together with their  family , friends  and lovers. Experience the beauty of little Boracay Beach. The first foreign person  that amazed  the  beauty of a simple little Boracay was Sir Davis Mckeith. An  American citizen from  America. He was amazed because of the simplicity, the white sand and the location of  beach was good and comfortable. A simple beach that a courteous scene and complexion.

White Sand Beach Owners are Mr. Elmer Malan and her wife Imelda Malan they are both from their. Visit their resort and chill out together with your friends , family, and particularly your love ones. Experience the beauty  of a simple but pleasant -looking resort on Basiao. Part of Ivisan ,Province of  Capiz.

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