L.A. Beach Resort at Basiao Ivisan Capiz

L.A. Beach Resort at Basiao Ivisan

One of the finest resort in  at BAsiao, L.A. Beach Resort. Placed at Sitio Marangkalan, Basiao, Ivisan Capiz. Owners of the resort are  Lucy Delos Reyes and Alma Pajarillo. They are the one who supervise the resort. L.A. Beach Resort has   cottages  not more than 15 cottages and two big cottage, en suite for all tourist and family. Every sundown,you can see the beautiful  sunset. Not only the sunset you can see , but the little and undemanding island too.The two islands are the  Morocol Daku and Marocol Gamay.   The sand and water at basiao are really fantastic.  For the local officials there,  they should start to regard “on how to preserve the cleanliness of the place” and for the guests please avoid to bring things (such as plastics) that might pollute the water. Let’s preserve it so that other people may enjoy too.

Come and experiencve the beauty of BAsiao

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  2. l.a beach resort says:

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