Municipality of Ivisan

Their Products

Ivisan does have wide beach like at basiao beach where they can catch different fish, the primary source of living by most of Ivisanon is fishing.Some residents who lived here have their own cages, where they can race fishes better.

In the Barangay Basiao, Barangay Balaring, Barangay Cabugao and Barangay Agustin Navarra as well, are the areas here in Ivisan where the Ivisanon can fish.

The metropolis and the people have their own policies in order to catch the good manufacture. The municipality assist the fishers to become clued-up when it comes to their production, such as the good preservation of their caught fish, good salting and many other procedures that can help them to have a better production.<ir agricultural livelihood. They typically farm rice. This is support by the municipality. Others have their coconut agricultural estate because they have a wide area for the said plantation. There are also who planted corn, sugar cane and banana and many other land crops that can help the Ivisanon to survive in everyday lives.

And municipality provide cheaper fertilizers and other compound products to have a superior production. The municipality also provided irrigation for the rice farmers in the urban area to help the farmers in the urban area to They also co/p>

In some mountain side of the diverse barangays of Ivisan can have thenduct some seminars to give farmers another knowledge especially when it comes to the new discover gadgets that may help to them for a better production.

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