Municipality of Ivisan

How to go their?

Ivisan is approximately 9 kilometers through the local road and about 15 kilometers from Roxas City all the way through the national Highway. The metropolis of  Ivisan is located along the northwestern shoreline of Panay Island at 122 degrees 37’37.33” to 122 degrees 43’58” east longitude and  11 degrees 28’54.67” to 11 degrees 35’42.67” north leeway
Ivisan is delimited by the municipalities of  Sapian on the west, Panitan on the southeast, Sigma on the south, Roxas City on the northeast and Sapian Bay on north.
All barangays are reachable by land transportation. Manner of transportation are motorcycle, and public utility like jeep.
Mechanical boat is an alternative means of transportation in the coastal barangays such as Barangay Basiao and Barangay Balaring and sometimes in Barangay Agustin Navarra.

on of the most beutiful scene that you will see is at brgy. Basiao Ivisan Capiz. They are rich in white sand, they have a resort and islands located at Basiao. Watch and chill out together with your friends, family ,and love one.

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