Tourist spot in Capiz

The Basiao Beach and Islands Spot Located at Ivisan

The metropolis of Ivisan is a honorable place for relaxation because it is rich in different beach and resorts like at basiao. Their basiao beach and islands near their. And it is also proud to have a extensive beach which has different islands at the bottom of the beach. The beach has a white-fine sand and crystal-clear water, that is why, Ivisan is known for having a virgin beach.
Ivisan is best recognized of the beautiful beach like Basiao. The basiao beach help a lot to the residents who live here. It can give another source of living for the residents of basiao at cover of Ivisan because of tourism.
Near of the beach were the different beach resorts. The RBM Beach Resort, this resort offers a conference services for those costumers who have a conference, they can ejoy the beautiful view of the beach while having a conference, LA Beach Resort and the Umbrella Beach Resort.
At the middle of the beach, we can find the different islands that also have a wonderful location for rest time. These islands consist of crystal-clear water and white-fine sand, just like in the Boracay Island in Kalibo, Aklan. Come and see the beauty of Ivisan where all summer spot you can see at this town. See their at Basiao, their beach

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