Capiz Tourist Spot: “Mabaay Island”

MAbaay Island at Basiao Ivisan Capiz

Mabaay is one of the best and well known island at Basiao, the Mabaay Island. This island isso sanctified of  their mind-blowing white sand and a crystal like water. Throughout summer, Mabaay island  has to many people swimming , enjoying themselves and watching  those beautiful scene in Mabaay, they are enjoying together with their  family , friends  and lovers.Experience the beauty of little Boracay like island. You can travel 10 minutes from Rbm , L.A. and Umbrella beach resort  going to mabaay Island.Experience their beuty . This place is good for summer  vacation. Together with your family friends and love ones. You don’t  have to worry about your accommodation. Basiao has a Hotel. This hotel is located at  Rbm Beach Resort. Come and enjoy your self .

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