Capiz Tourist spot: “Municipality of Panay”

Do you know what is the history of Panay?

This is a  place where the daybreak of Christianity started. It is also the middle of the first act of revolution aligned with the Spaniards in the Prefecture of Capiz. First encounter stuck between the Filipino revolutionaries and the Spanish forces happened in May 1897 at the Tadiao Bridge. Even though the inferiority in manpower and arms, the  revolutionaries were able to ward off the advance of the Spanish military by absolute inventiveness..The subsequent day, the Spaniards regrouped well armed and geared up, went back to Panay on big boats tied  in two’s (Conduction) through Banica Tributary. Upon reaching Lahab River near Panay town proper, the revolutionaries armed with field gun, rifles, bolls and spears laid an ensnare to the Spaniards armed forces. The Filipino inexperienced in the use of field gun fired at the Spanish forces but missed. A ferocious battle ensue and the Filipino poorer in arms and number in due course retreated to the Poblacion using what is now called Calle Revolucion. The pursuing  Spanish armed forces put the town into put a match to and spared only the Sta. Monica Church and the Parish Convent, that is the reason why no old houses can be seen in the town today. The battle raged on the end of the day the revolutionaries retreated to Balisong Hills in the town of Pilar where the last battle amid the Spaniards and the Filipinos was fight.
The centuries-old Sta. Monica Church is one of the major tourist attractions in Capiz. Declared as the National  Heritage by the national Chronological Commission in 1997, Sta. Monica Church houses in its 5-storey belfry a enormous bell whose thriving sound can be heard 10 kilometers away. It is made of 70 sacks of coins and weighs 10.4 tons,  This is the biggest Catholic Church bell in Asia.

Another spot that you can see in Panay is Pawa buntod beach. 3 kilometers shoreline of Pawa-Buntod teritorry in the Municipality of Panay, attracts visitors because of its fine black sand. Other beach that you can see in capiz is rich in white sand beach just like at basiao beach. Basiao beach is rich in white sand and crystal like water. But in Pawa, you will amaze  beacause of their fine black sand. You can enjoy swimming their and looking some beutiful spots in panay. Come and visit their amazing spot at Panay.

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