Cler Grand Hotel in Capiz

The Best Hotel in Capiz

A hotel in Roxas City Capiz that present the finest facility, best services and best room to its customers. This is a place where you can enjoy life, relax physically and sense the silence in your heart and mentality, and take a rest from worrying hearts of working time
It was outfitted with well prepared amenities and excellent personnel’s.  It has a number of rooms that can offer you, the best asylum from the noise of city life. It has a highly regarded name with a without delay and well-mannered service that made it good-looking to many costumers.
Come and know-how the pleasure of living at Cler Grand Hotel and you will be willingly accorded. Where your pleasure is must accountability.

In Capiz you can enjoy your self in traveling, going to many good lookig spot in Capiz. You can enjoy swimming and chill out together with your friends at baybay beach. There is so many beaches that Capiz have like at Ivisan. Ivisan is well known because of their cool spot for summer vacation. The most well known spot in Ivisan is at Basiao. A cool spot for summer vacation. Even it is  not yet summer. You can enjoy your self, together with your family, friends and specially your love ones. Come and visit the cool spot in Capiz accommodating at the best hotel in Capiz and experience the  beuty of every spot just like at Basiao. The Basiao beach and islands. See and experience the beauty of it.

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