Municipality of Ivisan 2nd runner up in clealiness

Ivisan is 2nd in the awarding “Gawad pangulo sa kapaligiran

In all municipality in Capiz, Ivisan time-honored an accomplishment for being the second second best in the “Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran” in the year 2008. This achievement gave to the municipality of Ivisan the name for life form one of the the majority cleaniest municipality here in the municipalities in Capiz.  Ivisanon and the selected municipal officials help one another to maintain the beauty and purity of Ivisan, as one municipalities in Capiz. The government officials of the Capiz were all proud for what the municipality of Ivisan received. The municipality of Ivisan and the residents of the municipality of Ivisan were also proud for what they received from the organization who gave to them and most especially to God who is the owner of the whole world. And now, the municipality of Ivisan has the face to face the other municipalities in Capiz.

Source: Municiipality of Ivisan

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