Resort at Basiao

Islands at Basiao
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Marocol Island(small)
One of a little and beutiful island “Marocol”. MArocol composed of two island, the big and small Marocol island. 2.5 minutes travel using boat from Rbm beach going to Marocol and 10 minutes travel from White Sand Beach Resort going to Marocol Island.
Marocol Island (big)
The second island is called Marocol Island (Big). Bigger than the one . 5 minutes travel From White Sand Beach
Mahabang Pulo
Their called that island a Mahabang Pulo since the shape is like an oblong and it is not too long also like in other islands in the philippines.Therocks thier are also large near at the other end of mahabang pulo island. It takes 5 minutes travel from Sitio Marangkalan going to Mahabang Pulo using boat.

Mabaay Island
Most well known island in BAsio
One of the best and well known island in Basiao, the Mabaay Island. This island was so blessed of their amazing white sand and a crystal like water.During summer, Mabaay island has to many people swimming , enjoying themselves and watching those beautiful scene in Mabaay, they are enjoying together with their family , friends and lovers.Experience the beauty of little Boracay like island. You can travel 10 minutes from Rbm , L.A. and Umbrella beach resort going to mabaay Island.

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