Capiz Tourist Spot: Spring Hills Resort, Capiz Bay and Weny’s Garden

The Spring Hills resort is found in one barangay of the municipality of Ivisan which is the Barangay Malocloc Norte of Ivisan, Capiz.  This place is a secret place, so you cannot find this unless you have any connection in  the particular place. This resort is hiding in the middle of the high mountains  and different jungle trees, in other words, it is place in the center of the mountains of  the municipality of Ivisan.

Capiz Bay Resort is a vacation house of Mr. Robin Yap with his family Every Sunday. This place knwon as “katunggan”.  During 1994 was capiz Capiz Bay Resort was discoverd and most attractive spot at Capiz Bay Resort was the fishing erea



Wenys Garden was one of the hidden place in Capiz. This is located at Panay, Capiz.  The land area is half hectare which cultivated with diffirent plants and animals. Their plants has no chemical, in whatever form, are used to control pest and desease. It is our way of expressing love and concern toward our environment.

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