Villa Consorcia Resort”One of Touris Spot in Capiz”

One of the Best Resort in Capiz

One of the gorgeous place where you want to vacation when you come to Capiz, there is so many good-looking  place in this perfect  like their hotel room . You can feel comfortable while taking a rest. The room is air condition and the bed is so soft and smooth. Villa Consorcia also has a swimming pool, it has a ride that you must try. When the first time I saw and go on this place, I feel  the freshness of  air and water pool.  If you  will wanted  to go on Villa Vosorcia Resort.  You will feel  Beauty of  nature.  The place is fresh and clean. Come and visit their place , with your  family friends and love ones. This resort was formerly known as Consocia Green Valley  was established in January 1998 by the late Wilson Baquilar Sr.  The Resort was named after Consorcia Bacaro-Baquilar, wife of the founder.            Presently. Villa Consorcia offers plenty facilities and amenities. There are the Wilson Bar, the Fiesta Pavilion- one of the venues for wedding and birthday parties, Island Park – intended for playful kids and weather favors the park also serve as venue for children party and garden wedding reception. For sports minded guest, there is a sports area- the sonvertible court is the venue for volleyball, basketball and lawn tennis competition. There are also hotel rooms, air-conditioned function room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool.  Smell the fresh air that came from the nature, you can relax and you can enjoy your staying in the Villa Consorcia Resortbecause of the beautiful view point in this Resort. When you stay in this Resort you can forget all your problems  even in a few hours. There so many resort that you will see here in capiz like Spring hills resort, capiz bay resort, and Beach like Basiao Beach resort . Not only beautiful resort that Capiz  have. We have also hidden garden where all beaautiful butterflies you will see on this place. This place is near at Panay. The Weny’s  Garden.  Enjoy traveling and experience the beauty of Capiz.

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