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kring kring fashion

Fashion is always changing and clothing brands to survive have to keep up with the latest fashion trends and designs. People love to buy clothes which are of the latest fashion, and where can one purchase the trendiest, and cutest outfits..
Marie Kring also known as Mariedan Dadivas the owner, was born on August 6,1980 in Roxas City, Philippines. She began designing clothes at the age of 20 years old and an old friend hire him to design a collection. At the age of 22 she moved to Makati to begin a career in fashion. Marie Kring designed clothing lines for several different labels before setting out on her own, she redefined fashion by combining it with dynamic designs emerging the world of fashion and entertainment she became popular as one of the youngest designer in the Philippines.
Kring Fashion Collection Company has expanded her clothing line for men and women and basically all body types. After a year of enormous increasing sales the company expanded into different designs of bags, shoes and accessories to cater the needs of customers or clients in a total and massive all around fashion and personalize one’s own style…
Want to see a fashion collection? Just visit this site:
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